Specs for Dell's Windows 8 Clover Trail Tablet Leaked

Microsoft's Windows 8 is scheduled for launch later this year and around the same time, we can expect manufacturers to start churning out Windows 8 tablets. Many manufacturers are happy to confirm or announce that they're working on Windows 8 tablets, but we don't know a whole lot about those devices. Today, a new report points to apparent specs for an 10.8-inch tablet device from Dell.


Neowin posted the slide above, which was sent in by 'an awesome tipster.' If the information on the slide is genuine then we can expect a 10.8-inch tablet tablet with a 10.1-inch 1366x768 display, Intel's dual-core Clover Trail Atom CPU, 2 GB of LP DDR2 RAM, a 128 GB SSD, Windows 8, an 8-megapixel camera round the back and a 2-megapixel job up front, Bluetooth, WLAN, and a finger-print reader to keep the whole thing nice and secure. Interestingly enough, Neowin has also heard mention of a removable battery as well as two different choices when it comes to batteries. There's a larger battery that Neowin says should get 10-12 hours of battery life. The smaller battery will apparently get 6-8 hours.

No information on pricing or release just yet, so we have no idea if this tablet is coming at the tail-end of 2012 (last we heard the first Clover Trail Windows 8 tablets would be arriving in November), or early 2013. We'll keep you posted.

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  • Anonymous
    good enough info on this new lots of enjoyment i have by reading tis article on net & lots of fun & lots of knowledge i get from reading this article. good!!!
    hope if there were more pictures & video it would be more excitement & fun to watch them!!!!!
    Syed Urwah Bin Hamid!!
  • das_stig
    DC Atom with 2GB DDR2, give me a break, will run like a dog if it wasn't for the SSD, which will no doubt be the slowest and cheapest Dingly Dell can source, while the battery last 12 minutes between charges.