Dell's Studio Hybrid Reignites The Passion For The Desktop PC

Round Rock (TX) - Dell today rolled out a new line of desktop PCs that are, at least in our opinion, the visually most appealing compact desktop PCs today. Dell clearly has increased its efforts to come up with unique and more interesting designs that could carry an Apple logo as well (ok, let’s not go overboard here.)

We have to give props to Dell for consistently coming up with unusual PC designs that set the company apart from its rivals. Similar to HP, which also shows some signs to invest more time and money into the visual appearance of some of its computers, Dell has unveiled interesting PC designs with unique features in the past. But the new Studio Hybrids has a much broader range of models and pricing, which could make the product much more successful than the unusual designs of the past.

The new desktop PCs are about the size of an average hardcover book (196.5 mm x 71.5 mm x 211.5 mm) and relatively light for a desktop PC - 4.8 pounds. You can order the systems in six different colors or bamboo cover (a $130 option) and purchase a base system for $499 - which will get you a dual-core processor, 1 GB of memory, a DVD burner and a 160 GB hard drive. Dell’s configuration pages for the Studio Hybrid read like the options list for a German car : Add a 45 nm processor, a 320 GB hard drive, 4 GB of memory, a Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi and a 24" screen and you will end up with a system that easily will burn through the $2000 barrier.

As many new PCs today, Dell pitches the Studio Hybrid as a green PCs as well. We were told that the PC is 80% smaller than an average desktop PC, uses "up to" 70% less energy and ships with 30% less packaging materials that are 95% recyclable. There is also a recycling kit included with the PC.

Dell is available now from the company’s website and will be available later this year in "select" retail stores.

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