AMD Reveals Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI

Tuesday AMD announced that various technology partners will soon release a certified Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter. The dongle will be virtually inexpensive, retailing for $30 USD. For owners of the Radeon HD 5000 series, this will allow for a third DVI-based display to connect via the card's DisplayPort.

According to AMD, the new dongle will expand the Eyefinity ecosystem to include a large number of LCD monitors with DVI connectors and resolutions up to 1920 x1200.

"This encompasses the vast majority of monitors sold today, with many models available for well under $200 each," the company said. "Now, Eyefinity multi-monitor solutions are within reach of virtually everyone, from die-hard gaming enthusiasts to individuals wanting more screen real estate to improve workflow."

Along with AMD's announcement, SAPPHIRE also revealed its Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter. "Used with a DP equipped SAPPHIRE HD 5000 series graphics card, this enables landscape Eyefinity modes of up to 5760 x 1200, including 5760 x 1080 with widescreen monitors, as well as portrait modes of up to 3600 x 1920," the company said.

Unlike previous active adapter solutions--which required an additional power source and was deemed somewhat expensive for those not looking for higher resolutions--the new dongle will be completely plug and play. Although AMD did not list the "technology partners" lined up to distribute the dongle, the company currently directs users to Wieson's online shop here.

Accell also announced its AMD-certified UltraAV Active DisplayPort to DVI and Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapters which can be found here.

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