Nintendo launches facial yoga DS title

Nintendo’s love affair with the casual gamer continues and the company are targeting women again.

Nintendo is set to launch Face Training, a game that walks you through facial yoga. The game uses a camera attached to the gamer’s DS to guide them through various exercises designed to stetch out the skin and muscles in your face. The idea of the game is based on facening, a Japanese concept which claims that by doing various facial exercises to stretch skin and muscles, you can make yourself prettier.

With two thirds of the UK’s DS owners being women it’s no wonder the company are developing games which are targeted at a specific gender. The game follows the popular Wii sports, which was designed to help children keep fit and Wii Fit, which developers claimed, with its diverse choice of exercises, could help people from every age group lose weight.

Although Nintendo has struck gold with these games along with it’s recent brain training titles, Face Training may cause some problems for the consumer. The Nintendo DS is small and the DS lite is even smaller, both are especially designed to be portable. How OK are you with making weird faces into a camera while you’re on the bus ?