Gearbox Asks Why You Hated Duke Nukem Forever

For the record, Duke Nukem Forever wasn't all that bad. The problems it faced were (1) a huge (massive) load of hype generated around a 14-year development cycle, and (2) an excellent, top-notch predecessor. The game was doomed at the turn of the century, its fate sealed by game franchises like Gears of War and Call of Duty which injected unique elements of gameplay into the FPS genre that's become standard over the years... and seemingly alien to Duke's classic run-n-gun style.

That said, Duke Nukem Forever had shining moments which conjured up memories of what made Duke Nukem 3D such a great, classic title. Unfortunately, the sequel also had its share of bad moments which ultimately brought in low scores across all three platforms. Gearbox Software, which was seemingly brought in by 2K Games to put Humpty Dumpty (Duke Nukem Forever) back together again, is now asking fans what they think about Duke's current installment so that perhaps the next game, Duke Begins, meets their expectations.

"Gearbox prides itself in listening to the community, and this is your chance to tell us how you feel about Duke Nukem Forever," reads the first page of a survey. "You may participate in this survey if you have played or have not played Duke Nukem Forever. Please answer the following questions."

The survey is anonymous, but users can supply a full name and email address if they want to enter a drawing for "Gearbox Swag." Overall the questions include "Did you play Duke Nukem Forever" and "What platform did you play Duke Nukem Forever on," "How would you rate Duke Nukem Forever," "Would you recommend Duke Nukem Forever to a friend," and so on.

Head here to take Gearbox's survey. Hail to the king, baby.

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  • HEXiT
    wow that survey sux as bad as the game. basicaly asking vague questions. rate this or that...
    i mean come on you shouldnt have to ask how important are elements of game play... its the most important part of a good game... then again what do you expect... the game was so vague so i guess it would ring true to form...

    that they should have said what was wrong in your opinion... weak gameplay mechanics of a very meh nature... boring level design... very poor ai the game was old fashioned and in now way represented the innovation of the original... that was the big point for me. duke nukem was an innovative title... DNF wasnt... in fact it looked and played like it hadnt been developed in 15 years. in fact i got the feeling they just remaped the gfx and pulled the game engine directly from the original.
    a very basic game by todays standards that just didnt live up to the hype or its predecessor.
  • Anonymous
    I only saw two things from the trailers that put me off, and I didnt watch any further. I didnt fancy running around throwing my own excrement around and the cringe-worthy one liners Duke was spouting, unlick the original, put me off even considering it.
  • MrSiko
    Wierdly, I bought it but have not even installed it. How dumb is that?!?

    That's what I get for reading reviews AFTER buying something...