PC World and Curry's to stop selling analogue tellies

Remember when the tiny town of Whitehaven became the first town in the UK to switch off analogue TV signal completely

The town was full of supportive posters and hotlines to help the general populace of this tiny town cope with the big change over.

Now, in a further step toward an all digital Britain and helping Britons understand the digital switch, DSG has announced that it is to become the first company to stop selling analogue tellies.

This isn’t the first time DSG (owner of Curry’s and PC World) has done this. The last few years has seen the company shun VCRs, cathode ray TVs and incandescent bulbs (see our array of stories on the phasing out of incandescent bulbs here, here, here, and here).

According to DSG 90 percent of the tellies it sells are digital. The company has sold over two million televisions in the last year and has said that once it has fulfilled its commitments to manufacturers, it will not be placing anymore orders for analogue televisions.

DSG has also said it will stop selling DVD players which are analogue only tuning and hope that its anti-analogue stock will help raise awareness about the imminent digital switch.

DSG claims that just over 30 percent of tellies in the UK are still analogue, which is a bit concerning, really, considering we’re supposed to be completely digital in the not so distant future.

The Scottish Borders will be the next to switch off the analogue TV signal (in November), making them the first full geographical region to become digital-only. Not to mention the first place anyone has ever heard of.

The rest of the UK is expected to follow suit between now and 2012.

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  • MKeeper
    Has anyone put any thought to those areas that CANNOT receive a digital signal?

    And I'm not on about those tiny villages that are 100's of miles from the nearest city.

    I live in East Grinstead (15 minutes from Gatwick International Airport, 20 minutes from the edge of London ... quite a large town in the middle of one of the most densley populated and popular counties in the UK).

    We cannot get any digital signals in East Grinstead. No DAB / Digital Radio... No FreeView .. nothing (not even Channel 5 on analogue for that matter ... and most mobile phone signals are poor enough).

    Of course, that doesn't stop the local supermarkets from trying to sell them. We bought a FreeView box and had to take it back because we couldn't tune into a single station!

    I dread to think what would happen if everywhere stopped selling analogue TVs .. the "digital switch" for the whole country is not until 2012 ... thats another 4 years without digital for the town I live in!! (I'm assuming here that they won't bother installing the new booster transmitters for digital until they are about to switch off the old analogue ones).

    I appreciate the sentiment, but I think it just means that for some areas of the country (i.e. our local Curry's store) they aren't going to be selling any TVs at all for a few years to come.

    - MKeeper