Crysis 3 Accidently Confirmed by EA's Origin

Although Crysis 3 is expected to be formally announced in the Swedish edition of Game Reactor magazine, that hasn't stopped an Electronic Arts employee from hitting the "publish" button and exposing the details prematurely on Origin. Naturally the error was caught and the info removed, but not before a quick-draw NeoGAF user took a screenshot and posted it online for all Crysis fans to behold.

The only real news so far is that there will be Limited Edition versions for the Xbox 360 (box), Windows PC (box) and Windows PC (direct download). The listing had the price set to $49.99 -- even the direct download version -- but did not provide an ESRB rating (pending). Unfortunately, that's all we got.

Notice the game is slated for the Xbox 360, and not the next-gen version, meaning Crysis 3 could be available before 4Q13. What's also missing from the listing is a version for the PlayStation 3. Accidental?

Based on the product box art, it's assumed that Crysis 3 may see more of a New York landscape and less jungle action as seen with Crysis 2. The image also depicts the main protagonist (presumably Alcatraz) holding a science-fiction themed bow. Little else is shown in the product image, and the front covers of Game Reactor April 2012 editions also shows very little save for what looks like a smoke-covered Manhattan landscape.

Crytek has indirectly confirmed development of the third installment for some time now. The German developer initially tossed out a hint back in January, saying that it knew where the story would progress. Then in February a job listing appeared suggesting that the studio was working on a new project with Crysis 2 publisher EA. Another hint appeared just last month, as Crytek said it would reveal a "spectacular" console/PC game in April.

Up until now, it was presumably Crysis 3. And while it could still be another IP entirely, EA's Origin may have pulled the rabbit out of the magician's hat a bit too early, spoiling the surprise.

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  • silver565
    Someone at EA is going to get a clip around the head
  • HEXiT
    i just hope they dont ruin it. 1 and wars were mediocre in game-play but looked great. while 2 didnt look as nice but has a very decent multi-player... 1 thing i would like to see is different areas rather than just city scape's...
    hopefully they will give a well optimized game that will use as many threads as possible. so if you have a decent cpu you get a better experience. after all crysis 1 promised destructible environments and in places we got to see a little of it. but crysis 2 barely touches on it... with the xtra cpu power the new bulldozers and i5/i7's have it would be nice to see them fully utilized instead of having the game gimped to enable consoles to run em... 1 cpu dedicated to physics would be great but 2 or more would be better. yeah its nice to see rubble flying when you plow a wall with a rocket launcher but it would be spectacular to see a skyscraper fall... and i dont just mean in a set piece like in C2...
    also going back to an open world environment or at least give the illusion of 1 as crysis 1 did. crysis 2 promised this but what we got was just as linear as almost any other modern shooter...

    so heres hoping for the game that will hopefully fix all the issues that we had with the first 3 and give us the ultimate crysis...

  • bumnut53
    Im not buying it, Crysis 2 was a blatant PC port and they deserve to sell zero copies of Crysis 3 on PC imo.