Cougar Intros New Line-up of LED Fans with Hydraulic Bearing

Cougar has introduced its Dual X line-up of fans, which have been specifically engineered to deliver a balance of air flow, air pressure, noise, performance and lifespan. The fans will be available in two sizes, 120 mm and 140 mm and four colours, red LED lit, green LED lit, blue LED lit, and black with no LED backlighting.

The most interesting feature of these fans are not the LEDs or the blades or such, but its bearing. While most normal fans have a sleeve bearing, Cougar's fans feature a hydraulic bearing which should offer lower noise and a longer lifespan. This type of bearing uses a higher quality lubricant in combination with a oil storage unit and oil circuit which keeps the unit lubricated automatically when it is moving, much like a car engine. The closed oil loop should also keep contaminants and dust out to make for a longer life cycle.

Lastly the fans also come with a dual layer blade design, Cougar's "Diversion Claws Design", and anti-vibration pads. Though they look very promising thus far, we still do not know if the fan's price matches its performance since Cougar has yet to release any information on pricing or availability.


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