New Intel Core i5, i7 Processors Product Matrix

Today's the big debut for Intel's Lynnfield processors. To learn all about what's so great about these new chips, check out our full coverage. All the reading, thanks to the hard work of our Managing Editor Chris Angelini, should keep you occupied for some time.

For a quick summary, however, of what's new today, clock speeds, cache sizes, cores and how much they'll cost, peep the table below:

Check out the following guides and reviews to Intel's new chip below. All three articles were published today!

Intel Core i5 And Core i7: Intel’s Mainstream Magnum Opus

Core i5, Core i7, CrossFire, And SLI: Gaming Paradise, Redux?

In Theory: How Does Lynnfield's On-Die PCI Express Affect Gaming?

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  • wild9
    Yet again, Intel removes Hyper-Threading from 'flagship' products.
  • ftpaddict
    Wild, the i5 is not a flagship product.
  • mi1ez
    They're just differentiating between high end and upper-mainstream. Gots to keep people buying i7 somehow!