Intel Core i5 CPU Mauled by Dog

Many pet owners know the trials and tribulations of having a dog. No trash can is ever safe. Food left out on the table could disappear in mere seconds, and apparently eating dirty diapers is like hitting the desert bar at an all-you-can-ear buffet. Carpets are wonderful collectors of pet stench, and processors make good chew toys. Wait! What?

That's right: CPUs can be canine teeth sharpeners without the breath cleaner... at least that's what this forum member discovered. Apparently he left his dead Intel Core i5 laying on the ground somewhere in the house, and the dog decided to make it her chew-toy... or rather, started eating it. Seriously, she must be a Lab.

"She managed to get the heat spreader off, as well as to bend the poor CPU in the process," the post reads.

There was no indication that she had eaten any other dead PC components in the past.

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  • Dandalf
    Don't give this dog a screwdriver and let it near your machine, amirite
  • gnasher155
    Can he take it back to Intel and tell them "My dog ate it"
  • killmenow
    Does it still work?