Cooler Master CM690 : The happy medium?

Briefly after having released its Cosmos case (quite evolved, highly priced and already tested in our columns), Cooler Master has released a much more modest ATX tower, the CM 690.

This not-quite-cheap tower (€ 74.99) presents a fine figure on paper, despite the noticeable lack of a power supply. It includes many of the innovations of its predecessors, like the Mystique 632, and offers screwless assembly systems for cards, hard drives and optical drives.

It also boasts the ability to cool even the most powerful configurations thanks to a combination of its aerated structure and several ventilators. We’ll see if in practice the Cooler Master CM 690 will be worthy of becoming a reference point in the mid-range case market as the Cosmos did in the high range.

The CM 690 (or RC-690) is approximately the opposite of its older brother Cosmos, which we tested in the beginning of August. Not being aimed at the over-equipped fans, it conserves quite compact dimensions: 21,3 cm wide, 48,2 cm high and 52,5 cm deep. In comparison, a Cosmos measured 26,6 (W) x 59,8 (H) x 62,8 (D) cm, and an Antec Sonata III, 20,6 (W) x 42,5 (H) x 46,3 cm (D).

The CM690 doesn’t show anything new in its component materials: everything is in SECC steel, apart from the front and superior decorative facades, made in ABS plastic. This is quite noticeable in its weight (it’s no lightweight at 9.8 kg), but it is guaranteed that the vibration of components will not be amplified as is often the case with aluminium cases.