Cooler Master CM690 : The happy medium?


Finally, the CM 690 gives the impression that it is not giving us its money’s worth. At € 74.99 without a power supply, it’s not exactly cheap. One who does not like to take their PC apart will no doubt prefer to invest in a more quiet case like a Antec Sonata, which is to name but one of a multitude of more accessible solutions.

The CM 690 possesses the two essential qualities in a case: it is elegant and capable of cooling a powerful setup. However it does not succeed in justifying its price because of several inconvenient downfalls.


The cooling capacity The successful design The liberty offered in the placement of fans The number of ventilators supplied in series The spacious interior The simplicity of the assembly The overall finishing touches


An opening that is too much bother for the price The absence of real noise canceling The absence of a power supply (which will strain budgets) The partial incompatibility with certain components (modular power supply and large graphic cards)

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