Coffee Republic offers free WiFi to customers

Coffee Republic is likely to see a huge increase in traffic through its stores in the near future.

The UK café chain is set to offer free wi-fi to customers. It has said that the company wanted to “provide Coffee Republic’s broad customer base with added-value service".

Obviously the service is going to be aimed at students and businessmen but we’re sure you’ll see your fair share of gamers lurking in the corners, nursing their one cup of cold coffee all day long.

We wonder if they have a policy on how long you can stay in the place before they start to get a bit shirty with you or will they be as nice as McDonalds ?

Back in October McDonalds announced that it would be introducing free wi-fi to stores across the UK before 2007. Not only that but the fast food joint said it would be comfortable with someone staying all day after only buying a coffee or similar.

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