Codemasters to honour descendents of Mario Contasino....Once they they find them

Turning Point : Fall of Liberty publisher, Codemasters, is turning detective in order to recognise a descendent of the man who inspired the events depicted in the alternate World War II action game.

Turning Point : Fall of Liberty is based around the idea that the incident in which a car struck Winston Churchill in New York on December 13th 1931 actually proved fatal – and that without his inspirational speeches to galvanise the Allies, the course of the Second World War took a very different route, with the Axis Powers even invading America.

Mario Contasino was a young unemployed mechanic who, on December 1931, hit the then-statesman with his car. Even though the accident was not Mr Constasino’s fault, the mechanic contacted Churchill daily during the course of his recovery from the accident and this resulted in a fast friendship between the two.

Codemasters wants to honour Mario Contasino’s descendents, for providing the inspirational “Turning Point” for the forthcoming videogame.

The firm has recruited the help of Oxford historian David McCarthy, who will set out to track down descendents of Mario Contasino. His investigation can be followed online at

More importantly (from looking at the site) anyone who has any information on the whereabouts of Contasino’s descendants can contact David through the site. So far it doesn’t look like he’s having much luck.

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