Cliff Richard marches to the online marketing drum

Cliff Richard has jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon along with Radiohead and Oasis but with a difference.

Instead of following in Radiohead’s footsteps and letting fans choose the price of the album, Cliff has announced that the more fans who preorder his album, the cheaper it will become.

The maximum price for the album is £7.99, which means that even if only a few fans preorder the record, it will only cost them £7.99. However, the more fans that preorder, the lower the price will go.

The price can drop from the maximum £7.99, to a minimum £3.99. It’s up to fans to haggle the price down with their numbers, with the end result being that anyone who has preordered, will pay the final lowest price.

Cliff Richard is apparently excited by marketing.

"Who’d have thought I’d get a buzz from creative marketing ?"

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