China Closes Hacker Training Site w/ 180K Users

Chinese media reports today say that the country has shut down Black Hawk Safety Net, a website that gave lessons in hacking and sold downloads of malicious software.

According to China Daily, Black Hawk Safety Net had recruited more than 12,000 premium or paid members, collecting more than 7 million yuan ($1m or £650,000) in membership fees. The site had also garnered 170,000 users registered for unpaid, free membership. Users were provider with cyber attack lessons and Trojan software, however it is unclear if the 170,000 members with free accounts received the same lessons and software as paid members.

Additional reports say China has arrested three people in connection with the website.

Read the full story here.

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  • Pailin
    am surprised they had so many people interested in joining it!

    I guess it could also be seen as cheap/free software programming lessons to help them legitimately get ahead in the world, maybe...
  • dextermat
    Im pretty sure it's the goverment of china conspiracy:

    They biuld up this site themselves and since the USA are after them they HAD to close it down.

    What a bunch of liars