Chieftec Intros TASK Lineup of 80+ Bronze PSUs

Chieftec's new line of TASK PSUs range from 400 W to 700 W and carry most of the features we expect from mainstream PSUs such as Active-PFC, electric and thermal safety systems, ERP 2013 compliance, sleeved cabling and a 120 mm temperature controlled fan. Though the entire range  features a 12 V rail, it is important to note that the 400 W and 450 W do not have a PCIe connector and therefore will be unsuitable for most discrete graphics cards, however the 500 W and 700 W versions come with one and two 6+2 pin PCIe connectors respectively

Unfortunately there is no word on pricing or availability, but this has all the makings of a solid budget PSU.

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  • m32
    Chieftec, I want my 15 seconds back....
  • Onus
    The 400W and 450W units need that PCIe connector if they're to be taken seriously. After all, even the 360W Seasonic 360G has one, and the 380W Antec EA-380D does too. For these to be 80+ bronze and not have that connector make no sense, unless they've got a phenomenal number of SATA connectors to run servers.
  • velocityg4
    What was the point of this article? Some random crappy low end PSU maker is late to the game and finally releases a new low end PSU. With how cheap 80+ Gold power supplies are I wouldn't consider anything less. Bronze is the new standard for anyone looking to cheap out on parts.

    I wonder how many of these companies actually make power supplies. Rather than re-branding generic parts.

    It's like hearing about PNY releasing new 1333mhz DDR3 memory.