IFA 2007: Very Snappy - Casio is developing the world's fastest digital camera

Casio promises that its new digital camera can snap 60 pictures per second – outpacing even professional SLR cameras.

You can just picture the marketing managers thinking “It may not be finished, but where’s the harm in announcing it ?“ And indeed, right in time for this year’s IFA, Casio is announcing the world’s fastest camera, showing a prototype of its upcoming high-speed cam. The company claims that the final model will take 60 pictures per second. Just for comparison, Canons fastest camera, the ultra-high-end EOS-1D Mark III manages 10 fps.

Apparently, its super speed will also extend into the video department. In “High Speed Burst Shooting” mode, the camera can snap 300 images per second in VGA resolution – ideal for cool Hollywood-style ultra-slow-motion sequences. Support for AVI and Motion-JPEG is also included.

Apparently, Casio had to make a certain trade-off to reach this speed with the 1/1.8” sensor, though, since it only features 6.6 mega pixels. Anyhow, that is still enough for prints up to 13 x 18, as long as you’re not considering extreme blow-ups of small sections.

Speed has always been one of the trademarks of Casio cameras. The Exilim family, for example, has always featured a very short response time.

The camera also comes with the usual features one would expect from this class, such as a 12x optical zoom and an image stabilizer. Its lens’s focal length is equivalent to 35 – 420 mm in a conventional analog camera. The 7.1 cm large wide-screen display with 230,000 pixels doubles as an image (pre)viewer. The unit will weigh about 650 g (without batteries).

The remaining technical specifications have not been finalized yet. The same golds true for the price and the release date. However, if Casio’s engineers are anywhere near as fast as their cameras, the wait shouldn’t be long.

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