Leaked Intel Roadmap Details New Fall Core CPUs

We've already seen laptops with Intel's new ULV Core i-series but it seems the company has quite a bit planned for this year. Engadget has uncovered and published an Intel roadmap detailing the chip giants entire fall collection.

Engadet reports that, aside from the previously rumored successor to the Core i5-540M (the 2.66GHz / 3.33 GHz Core i5-580M) and the Core i7-740QM/840QM, we can also expect a few more dual-cores at the end of the year. These will come in the form the 2.8GHz Core i7-640M (which turbos to 3.46GHz) and the 2.66GHz / 3.2GHz Core i5-560M.

Intel is also going hell for leather when it comes to Ultra Low Voltage chips. Q4 will bring us two 15W chips: a high-end Core i7-680UM (1.46GHz and turbos up to 2.53GHz) and a Core i5-560UM (1.33GHz / 2.13GHz). There'll also be a 25W Core i7-660LM that clocks in at 2.26GHz.

Engadget reports that all of these will have on die Intel HD graphics to tide us over until 2011 when we'll get WiMax, WiDi and Intel Bluetooth along with a new energy saving concept called Zero Power ODD. Zero Power will offer a power-saving sleep mode for noisy optical drives and enough battery life to play two Blu-ray movies on a single charge.

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  • ksampanna
    Aargh.. no mention of desktop (read Sandy Bridge).