Obama's CTO: Not Google's Schmidt

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt has said that if offered the opportunity to become the nations first Chief Technology Officer, he would refuse.

Suspicions that the Google Chief had his eye on the position arose over the last couple of weeks when Schmidt personally endorsed President-elect Barack Obama.

To those who knew Schmidt acted as an informal adviser on technology and energy issues to Obama, the news was not too surprising. Shortly before polling day, the WSJ reported that Mr. Schmidt had said while his decision is a "natural evolution" from his role as an informal adviser to the Obama campaign it was a personal choice and Google would remain neutral.

According to InformationWeek, when Schmidt was asked about the possibility of becoming CTO in an interview with CNBC, the CEO said that he loved working at Google and was more than happy to stay there, so the answer was no.

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer pressed Schmidt further and asked if he would "turn down the president-elect in this time of crisis," Schmidt remained adamant that he would not be leaving the Mountain View company, telling Cramer, "Google is its own exciting opportunity."

For more on the role of the first ever Chief Technolgy Officer, see InformationWeek.

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  • Grant1872x
    I'm fed up hearing about Obama, I live in the UK but I saw the reactions of the US people and some were crying.....
    If only a UK election was as exciting... anyways a nice article!