CES 2008: Wildcharge gives (almost) wireless power

Las Vegas (NV) – Most people hate carrying around charging cables and adapters, but Wildcharge is providing an alternative, almost cable-free, way to charge your cell phones, laptops and other gadgets. Wildcharge has developed an electrified mat that charges almost anything that’s placed on it.

wildcharge portable charger

Of course there is a catch and the devices must be prefitted with special adapters that Wildcharge sells. Currently several cellphone adapters are sold and an iPhone adapter fitted inside of a protective skin will be available soon. Wildcharge is also working on an adapter for notebooks – you can see an early, bulky, version in the picture gallery. A company rep told us that the final notebook adapter will be much smaller.

Slideshow : CES 2008 - Wildcharge charging mat ...

The company currently sells a 15 watt mat for $60, but is developing a 100 watt model that will be available later this year. Now I know what you are thinking – “What if I spill water or touch the mat ? Won’t I fry into crispy bacon bits ?” – The mat automatically turns off upon skin and water contact and reps told us spilling water onto the mat is completely safe. We even placed our fingertips on the mat to test out this claim ourselves.

Actually we didn’t touch the mat because we’re chicken and TGDaily doesn’t yet have a life insurance plan.

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  • Big Lighthouse
    so instead of a wire charger your giving me a mat.... i thought the aim was to save space, this is just reshaping the problem isnt it???
  • spuddyt
    what on earth is the point?