BT Has Two Weeks to Block Newzbin2

A British High Court judge has given British Telecom two weeks to block access to Newzbin2, a site accused of distributing pirated content. The ruling, handed down by Mr Justice Arnold, upholds a ruling that called for a ban of access to the site in July.

Additionally, the Guardian reports that the judge is also supporting a proposal put forward by Hollywood studios (including Warner Bros, Paramount, Disney, Universal, Fox and Columbia) that would see BT ban "any other IP address or URL whose sole or predominant purpose is to enable or facilitate access to the Newzbin2 website" because he felt blocking access to the site alone would simply not be enough.

BT will also have to foot the cost of the block, which is thought to be around £5,000. The network had been arguing for the studios to pay the bill, but Justice Arnold also sided with the studios on that issue.

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  • mactronix
    Idiots they really have no clue do they. If people want to "Share" content then they will. Its like the old question. How do you turn the Internet off. same thing How do you stop pirating.
    Same answer you cant so don't bother.
  • HEXiT
    thats not the point. companies are now using the law to stop us from accessing sites they deem unsuitable. this is not a government censoring its own people, but a foreign company using the law in another country to get what it couldn't get in America, due to them having the first amendment. there are already laws well established to cover copyright theft and instead of actually using them they want new laws that give the companies even more power at the expence of our rites to access information freely.

    the fact that the internet is so new means judges will be ruling on something they have little or no real knowledge about... so when there told that something will work they will tend to believe, even the the most unconvincing argument. the judge doesn't understand that all sorts of connections will have to be blocked not just tracker data. they will have to stop access to vpn hosts that are used to connect to that site and then loose money by having to ban there own customers that get round there unworkable measures.
  • simon12
    I just don't think it should be BTs job, if they want new laws they should be targeted at the people breaking them not ISPs. If theres a shop selling pirate DVDs they don't demand the road to it is blocked.