12 Booth Babe Pics We Never Posted

Every trade show we attend has countless beautiful women wandering around. Paid to look great and make companies' products look even greater, most of these women are professional models. What usually goes down is one of the on-site editors takes all of the pictures and emails them to the other Bestofmedia editors. Sometimes we get pictures of women at the show who aren't booth babes and we post those, too.

While cleaning up an old hard drive last night, I happened upon an old "IFA women'08" folder from IFA Berlin. None of them had been posted on Tom's US but I was going to delete them, since they were a year old. That was until Tuan and Marcus made an executive decision and told me to post them because ... well, just because really.

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  • shoota
    my how times have changed
  • Anonymous
    that really is quite sad..
  • wild9
    How so?