Harry Potter Blu-ray Boxset includes HD DVD?

Hollywood (CA) - Harry Potter fans may want to think twice about buying the special edition five-disc set of theatrical movies that came out this week, as numerous sets include an HD DVD in lieu of a Blu-ray Disc for the fourth film.

Trade publication Home Media Magazine reported that multiple consumers complained about the mixup in the $100+ box set.

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Reportedly, the defective sets mistakenly include an HD DVD version of the fourth disc, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, instead of the Blu-ray Disc. No other discs were reported as part of the problem, and the HD DVD version of the set appears to be fine.

Warner, which is the only major studio to still support both high definition formats, has not announced if an exchange program will take place. However, retailer return policies should cover the defective sets.

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