Blizzard Wants Battle.Net As Gaming's Facebook

Blizzard Senior VP Frank Pearce recently told G4TV that the company want's Battle.Net to be equivalent of Facebook in the gaming space, a place where gamers across the globe come together and socialize. At least, that's where Blizzard wants to take the revamped service in the next few years.

But as Pearce points out, that's rather ambitious.

"I would be very, very satisfied if Battle.Net was just for Blizzard games and the Blizzard community," he said. "The Blizzard community is really what's most important to us, anyway."

Even though it's highly unlikely that Battle.Net could ever serve as a focal point for PC gamers across the globe (after all, Valve probably has the same ambitions with Steam), Pearce does provide an interesting concept: a Facebook-like social website built just for PC gamers. But to pass gamer scrutiny, it will need to be more than just a forum with a profile and a few awards though, and not be locked within the launcher of a game.

On a related note, we're going to take a peek into Battle.Net on the StarCraft II-side of the service. Hopefully there will be more meat than the previous generation.

More to follow.

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  • thayli
    Not sure how this will work out. If there's anyone capable, it's Blizzard, but I do think that there are so many social networking platforms and communities already. Let's not push it.