Man Bids $35,000 to Get Inside Bill Gates' House

Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is a very charitable man. TechFlash reports that each year the company Gates founded runs a charitable giving campaign. Part of this campaign sees the staff donate products, services and experiences for their fellow employees to bid on during a charity auction. Every year, Bill offers a tour of his Lake Washington home -- and this year the winning bid was astonishingly high.

Last year the tour of Bill's pad went for $8,500. Given that Microsoft matches all the donations, that's a very generous $17,000 for charity. However, bidding this year went well over $17,000. The winning employee bid $35,000, bagging himself a tour with Bill Gates as his guide and appetizers afterward.

TechFlash reports that other items up for auction include the "world's best bologna sandwich," which went for $500, double what it sold for last year.

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