Bill Gates' New Company to Take on Hurricanes?

Bill Gates is a man of many talents. Founder of Microsoft, philanthropist and owner of a mystery company that we don't quite know the purpose of, Bill has proved that his retirement does not mean he's resting on his laurels.

USA Today reports say that Gates is even trying to come up with a way to control the weather. Alright, not quite but he is trying to come up with a way to reduce the speed of hurricanes which in turn, would reduce the damage done by the storms.

According to USA Today five recent U.S. Patent and Trade Office patent applications, made public on July 9, propose slowing hurricanes by pumping cold, deep-ocean water in their paths from barges. All very interesting, however what's more interesting is that if issued, the patents will offer 18 years of legal rights to the idea to Gates and his co-inventors (which include climate scientist Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution of Washington).

Now, if only we could get Bill Gates to do the weather on television. . . Really though, being serious for a minute, if Bill thinks he can stop tragedies like Hurricane Katrina, more power to him.

For the full story, click here.

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  • mi1ez
    He also bought about a 3.14% stake in JJB sports! Nutter!
  • wild9
    I think that trying to alter things like the atmosphere should be a public interest - not a private one. Look at HAARP. Look at the potential to use this in reverse. And Bill..if you want to make some use of that bit of doh you've got lying around..most Americans want the illegal immigration issue sorted. Maybe that should be higher on your list of priorities? I'm sure you could attribute resources there but again..I guess there would have to be some corporate or even politcal, interests at stake, right?
  • wild9
    wild9I guess there would have to be some corporate or even politcal, interests at stake, right?