Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod Also Keeps Your Soda Cool

If there are two things any Battlefield 3 player needs for a long night of mowing down their enemies, it's a cold energy drink and a chain gun. Knowing this, master case modder Brian Carter has created the perfect Battlefield-inspired case mod for a competition run by the Raptr gaming community. Equipped with its very own tiny fridge and spinning chain gun, this case should be enough to make any Battlefield gamer drool.Before starting the project, Carter had the choice of making a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 themed case or a Battlefield 3 one. In the end, he chose to go with the Battlefield design, featuring an airbrushed Battlefield 3 image on one side, a custom crosshair intake fan, and a decorative chain gun. Our favorite part about the case is the med pack themed mini-fridge that perfectly fits one energy drink. Check out the video below to see the case and rotating chain gun in action.

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  • whimseh
  • James296
    sweeeettt *drools*
  • monsta
    An ice machine would of been cool ...pardon the pun