EA: No Patches for Battlefield 3 Outside Origin

Here's a bit of bad news for PC gamers who purchased Battlefield 3 outside EA's Origin digital platform: you won't (officially) get patches anywhere else, nor will there be standalone versions. Ever.

Both EA and DICE confirmed this fact on Friday in an email exchange with Ausgamers. As the site points out, the most recent patch weighs a hefty 3.6 GB. Because of this, Australian players on limited download plans have requested that EA release standalone files that can be downloaded from local ISPs instead of abroad.

"Many Australians have had issues downloading the huge volumes of content relating to Battlefield 3," the site reports. "The recent release of a 3.5 GB patch was another reminder that, for those of us on limited download plans, keeping games up to date is a bit of a hassle when your ISP isn't able to mirror them locally."

But apparently EA is sticking to its guns and will only update the popular military shooter through Origin. The company hasn't made this fact any kind of secret, indicating for some time now that it wants to keep updates and content packs within the EA ecosystem -- presumably for piracy reasons. This exclusive factor was part of the controversy surrounding the disappearance of EA games on Valve Software's Steam platform.

Still, EA and DICE may eventually change their minds if the multiplayer component begins to diminish in traffic because gamers are unable to download and install patches -- especially when they range in the gigabytes. Fans are encouraged to visit the official game forum and vent their thoughts if patching is a major problem.