OCZ Unleashes Backlit Keyboard

For those who constantly find themselves typing in the dark, OCZ has a great solution to reduce those typos down to a minimum.

OCZ Technology revealed its cool new Alchemy Illuminati backlit multimedia keyboard, featuring rubber coated keys for a unique tactile feel, and a choice of two backlit colors (red and blue). Illuminating the letters rather than the entire key- that should make typing a lot easier during those World of Warcraft marathons down in the family dungeon. OCZ also said that the keyboard offers 14 multimedia and Internet hot keys to help manage music, web, and video applications "with the touch of a button."

“Building on our Alchemy line of peripherals OCZ is now introducing the Illuminati backlit keyboard,” commented Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management at the OCZ Technology Group. “The Illuminati Keyboard offers multimedia consumers a host of features including rubber coated keys for comfort while both working and gaming, fourteen quick launch keys to better access to multimedia, and the choice of two backlit colors making it easier to make full use of the keyboard in low light environments.”

The Illuminati is compatible with a Windows operating system, although the company emphasized on XP with Service Pack 2 or later and Vista. The keyboard is 215mm wide, 495mm long and 30mm high, weighing around 850g. The keyboard connects to a USB 2.0 port, features an integrated palm rest, and has a lifespan of 5 million cycles. The keyboard is plug and play right out of the box, requiring no additional drivers.

While OCZ said that the Illuminati keyboard s designed with all the features of a quality keyboard without the hefty price tag, the company did not offer an actual price tag.

Hopefully the new OCZ keyboard will withstand a barrage of typing. We've exerpeinced faded keys from the likes of Logitech and other big name manufacturers in recent years with average use. Hopefully OCZ keeps quality on the high with its new keyboard.

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