Blizzard Incorporating In-Game Ads Scheme for "Titan"

Keen eyes have spotted a job listing on Blizzard's website that is looking for a franchise development producer. The individual selected for this job will be responsible for working with major consumer brands to facilitate product placement and licensing within the world of Blizzard Entertainment's next-gen MMO. In other words, Blizzard's "Titan" (codename) will sport in-game advertisements, whether it's a billboard or a bottle of Coke.

There's speculation that this little nugget of information points to a current or somewhat futuristic setting. It could also mean that due to its "casual" nature, Activision Blizzard is looking for a little financial help as id Software did for Quake Live. Does that mean Titan could be a free-to-play MMOG that relies on microtransactions for revenue? It's possible, but very little is known about the game at this point.

In addition to bringing advertisements to the game itself, the Blizzard job sees the candidate push the game's brand outside the gaming industry while also working with the development team to help get merchandise on store shelves including books/novels, action figures, comics, short movies ad apparel. Based on that tidbit of information alone, this won't be Blizzard's version of FamVille.

Here's what we know about Titan thus far: it will be "casual," and probably a lot more social than anything Blizzard has offered thus far (maybe incorporating Facebook friends like Words With Friends?). It's the "most ambitious" project Blizzard has ever attempted, and even has the potential to eclipse World of Warcraft but will definitely coexist with Blizzard's flagship MMOG. Chief Operating Officer Paul Sams called the game "something that's cool, and new, and different." 90 developers are already assigned to the project.

Titan is expected to launch in 4Q13 alongside the fifth expansion to World of Warcraft. A BlizzCon 2012 reveal is possible, but highly unlikely.

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  • thisisaname
    If I'm paying for it they can stuff the ads where the sun does not shine. If its free-to-play MMOG that relies on microtransactions for revenue then it would be okay. If they made it a free-to-play MMOG it would sit better along side WoW rather than steal subs.
  • MrTeerone
    I think the idea of ads in games is actually a good idea, as long as it isn't intrusive of the gameplay or atmosphere. For example, staring at a billboard for a long enough time could bring up a link to the webpage of the product, or new dlc etc. Or when playing football games the banners could be sold out to actual sports companies to promote new gear, and in turn give the makers of the game rights to create add ons of the equipment they're trying to sell.
    Just because they say advertising, doesn't mean companies have to throw pop ups in your face as you're trying to snipe or frag someone. That would be very uncool