BBC Finally Brings iPlayer for Android to 10-inch Tablets

If you're a 10-inch Android tablet user, we've got some lovely news for you in time for the weekend. The BBC has updated its iPlayer video streaming application and it's finally added support for 10-inch tablets.


The BBC says version adds support for 10-inch slates and also features a tweaked design for 7-inch tablet users as well as smartphone users. Next on the agenda for the broadcaster and its app is further optimization for larger screens as well as continuing work on video downloads.

While users will no doubt be happy about the support for larger tablets, it's a no-brainer for the BBC, which just last month saw more tablets than phones accessing its iPlayer service. Tablets were a whopping 200,000 requests ahead of mobile devices in April. These tablet requests were apparently driven primarily by TV viewing as opposed to catching up with radio shows.

Launched on December 25, 2009, the BBC's iPlayer allows people to catch up on the last seven days of their favorite BBC TV and radio shows for free. The current Android app is available for Android 2.2 to Android 4.2 and is currently rated three out of five stars on Google Play.

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  • lockhrt999
    Can I use it to watch BBC shows outside UK?
  • lockhrt999
    Can I use it to watch BBC shows outside UK?
  • mman74
    Can you watch BBC shows outside UK? Yes, Android supports VPN connections. You just need to pay for a VPN service with a host IP inside of the UK. Try StrongVPN. There are free services but the quality of the connections are terrible. Also quality depends on your connection to the BBC server, so if you are in a country with a poor Internet connection streaming is not going to be an option.