BBC's International Site Profitable Two Years Early

The Beeb might be an institution at home, but the company's international website was only launched a few years back, in 2007. However, despite being all of four-years-old, the British Broadcasting Corporation this week announced that the site has reached profitability much earlier than the company had anticipated.

"Since [2007] has travelled a long way and I’m thrilled to say that we have, as a standalone business, reached profitability – two whole years ahead of target," wrote Luke Bradley-Jones on the BBC Blog. "Our sales have grown by a staggering 83% in the past year (and by 113% in the US)."

Brandley-Jones went on to reveal that with 50m users outside of the UK (ComScore), the BBC has the largest international audience of any UK news website. also reaches a monthly audience of 21m in North America and over 10m users in Asia Pacifi, and is the most popular news site among Europe’s most affluent households (EMS survey).

However, though the website is also seeing phenomenal growth, the Beeb is focusing on more than just its online ventures.

"We were a launch partner for Apple’s iPad back in April of last year with our BBC Global News app, following that up with an iPhone app in the summer," Mr. Bradley-Jones wrote. "We’ve now had just under 4m downloads outside of the UK to iOS devices and four weeks ago we launched an Android news app which has already notched up half a million international downloads. Plus just this summer we have now also launched the BBC News smart TV app on all Samsung IPTV products outside of the UK."