Check Out This Incredible Hulk Case Mod From Quakecon '12

Each summer, hoards of gamers from around the world congregate to Dallas, Texas for one of the biggest LAN parties in North America, QuakeCon. In addition to all of its gaming glory, QuakeCon is also known for its BYOC case mod competition which takes place each year.

Sponsored by Modders Inc. and PC Perspective, the competition brings out some incredible designs. In celebration of the recent blockbuster hit The Avengers, case mod champion Derrick Jackson created "The Incredible Hulk".

Of course, the build features copious amounts of green and the whole team of superheroes from the film. The only difference is the Avengers seem to have ticked off the green giant.

Whatever it is that's going on, it looks like they are all holding together the computer, which did a great job of smashing the competition and taking home first place in the scratch build category of the competition.

This brings Derrick Johnson to a total of five case mod victories at QuakeCon. For more photos of the madness, check out the gallery snapped by Screwattack's Sean Hinz. What will Johnson bring to next year's competition?

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    UH.... its green.

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  • belardo
    When it get angry... it turns blue.... Screen of DEATH!