Intel to Show Off Next-gen Atom at IDF in April

Intel is going to be introducing something new at IDF Beijing next month. Kicking off on April 12, UMPC Portal reports that one of the sessions promises to afford attendees first looks at the next-gen Atom platform.

According to the IDF session catalog, the session, dubbed "Designing a New Generation of Netbooks with the Intel Atom Processor Based Platform" will will cover the following topics:

• Platform capabilities enabled by Intel® WiFi solutions that deliver new netbook usage models
• Features and benefits overview of the next generation Intel Atom processor based platform
• Thermal solutions for cool and quiet fanless netbook designs
• Exciting demonstrations

Other than that, details are thin on the ground. However, there are several other Atom-related sessions scheduled to take place at IDF next month. These are: "The Intel Atom Processor Based Platform Advantage," "Designing Affordable Solutions for Entry-Level Desktops with the Intel Atom Processor," "Developing Intel Atom Processor Based Tablets," "Optimizing Touch Experience on Intel Atom Processor Based Platforms," "Intel Atom Processor Power Optimization Guide," and finally, "Hands-on Lab: Embedded Application Graphic and Video Performance with the Intel Atom Processor E6XX Platform."

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  • LePhuronn
    But it's still an Atom and I don't see them ever being up to the job.

    By the time the Atom can produce great performance for a smooth and responsive experience - even if it's just basic documents and web browsing - customers' expectations will be so much higher because of the flashy, fantastic things their full-power desktops can do.

    Atom will just not be able to keep up with customer opinion of what a "computer" is supposed to do. And if Atom CAN do it all, it'll just cannibalise desktop and notebook sales, which I believe was the entire argument against netbooks when they first appeared.
  • daglesj
    Thing is the dual core Atoms have been able to provide a perfectly good web/document experience since the came out.

    Its only the single core Atoms that should be ignored/abandoned.

    A dual core Atom box provides more than enough CPU power to satisfy most mainstream users and even corporates.

    I've rolled out dozens of Atom Ion330 boxes to domestic and business customers over the past year. Its been 100% positive feedback.

    Remember a good deal of the computing public are still struggling along on single core 3Ghz P4s with XP, 512MB of ram and a 80GB IDE HDD. You swap them over to a Atom ION330 box and its like they have stepped abourd the Enterprise. Its a big upgrade. For enthusiasts like us not so much.
  • Rab1d-BDGR
    No useful details yet, like power requirements, clock speeds, number of cores and support for out-of-order execution.

    On my wishlist for next-gen netbooks would be un-bottlenecked SATAII support so the chipset doesn't slow down after-market SSDs and cranking up the battery life to around 10h under reasonable usage.