Asus Has Launched Its Mini GeForce GTX 670 Early

Last month we first heard of Asus' Mini GTX 670. Back then, Asus was probing the market to see if there would be any demand, after which it first announced the card, later showed more pictures, and now it has officially been launched. 

The GTX 670 DirectCU Mini is a high-end card that has a much smaller PCB, at just 17 cm long. The reference design of the GTX 670, including its cooler, is just over 24 cm. This makes the card very appropriate for mini-ITX systems, as Asus has demonstrated. The card measures just 17 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm.

Its DirectCU Mini cooler is one that blows air in all directions with an 80 mm fan. It has a vapor chamber directly between the GPU and the heatsink, as was predicted earlier.

Base Clock speed runs at 928 MHz, and the boost frequency is 1,006 MHz. Comparing this to the reference 915 MHz and 980 MHz boost, it might not seem impressive, but it is an overclock nonetheless. Included in the package is 2 GB of GDDR5 memory that runs over a 256-bit memory interface, as well as a single eight-pin PCIe power connector. Display outputs are taken care of by two dual-link DVI ports, an HDMI port and a DisplayPort.

The expectation earlier was that the card would launch at the end of April. However, we've just seen the card show up on Asus' website, and it has been launched today. It should hit shops anytime now, although we know little about its price.

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  • mekh
    Can't wait to see a test of it, which includes how noisy it might be compared to it's larger counterparts.
  • jaguarcd32x
    If they can get it down to that size with vapour chambers I imagine they could build laptops using GPU's like this?.

    It annoys me how over priced laptops are compared to PC's with similar performance. Surely if you are using less die space and smaller wafers and GPU's then it shouldn't cost way more than bigger PC parts?.

    As someone who likes PC gaming and wants to do some traveling across the USA and be a little nomadic for a while it annoys me that you pay upto 3x more for GPU/CPU performance the very second that performane has to be inside a laptop.