Acer Launching AMD-based Aspire One Netbook?

Liliputing reports that Acer is gearing up to launch a new 10.1-inch Aspire One netbook that uses AMD's 1.2 GHz V105 single core processor. Part of AMD's "Nile" lineup, the CPU boasts 512 KB of L2 cache, a total power draw of 9 watts, and support for DDR3 memory. Previous Aspire One models featured the Intel Atom chip.

In addition to the AMD processor, the Acer Aspire One 521 will also use the AMD M880G chipset and integrated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225 graphics with 384 MB of dedicated memory. With an HDMI output jack in place, the netbook should achieve HD video playback of 720p at the very least. It's assumed that the netbook's LCD screen has a native resolution of 1366 x 768, however the display's specs were not disclosed.

Also packed into the netbook will be optional Bluetooth 3.0+HS support, UVD2 support, and a battery life of up to 7 hours. Acer is also including a new compact, light power adapter with interchangeable plugs called MiniGo.

Currently there's no word on pricing or launch date.

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  • padlius
    Who cares?
  • redkachina
    I do..currently searching for a good AMD netbook/laptops :P
  • cj_online
    padliusWho cares?

    It's a computer forum dimwit... everyone cares. If you don't then kindly go visit the apple forum or failblog forum or something stupid like that... cuz obviously ur in the wrong place if ur asking that kind of a qs.