Apple Faced With Protesters in Taipei

No, Apple isn’t being targeted directly, rather the group of protesters currently making noise at Apple is trying to get at Wintek, one of Apple’s suppliers.

According to the GlobalPost, labor activists have accused flat-panel maker Wintek of exploiting workers at its factories in Taiwan as well as in its subsidiary's factory in China. GP reports that after months of negotiations, Wintek has not fully addressed the group’s demands, so they're taking their campaign to one of its high-profile customers, Apple.

The labor groups claim that Wintek cut salaries and fired hundreds of workers without warning at the end of 2008. They also allege that the company made employees work unpaid overtime in order to complete orders on time.

Wintek is denying the whole thing and told the GlobalPost in an email that Wintek posted record net losses in 2008, and was forced to institute "cost-saving measures." However, the Wintek statement said that the company provided laid off staff with unemployment packages and said that all policies are in line with local law.

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