CruxSKUNK Case Turns Your iPad Into a Laptop

Last month, idevice accessory maker CruxCase launched its CruxSKUNK project on Kickstarter. Although there are plenty of other iPad keyboard accessories out on the market, none of them get the job done quite like the CruxSkunk. If you want a MacBook Air for the price of an iPad, this is about as close as you can get.

Like the dozens of other keyboards available, the CruxSkunk lets you dock your iPad and type away on its physical keyboard. The big difference that sets this one apart from its competition is its seamless integration and slick design. At its thickest point, the case measures 19mm making the iPad-laptop just a couple millimeters thicker than a MacBook Air.

Additionally, the device features a patent-pending 360 degree hinge that lets you view and use your iPad in more configurations than you can imagine. With 20 days left to go, the project has already achieved more than double its funding goal of $90,000. Early backers who pledge $155 or more can reserve their own case along with a leather sleeve. The device is expected to ship sometime in December, so head on over to the Kickstarter page for more renders or to pre-order your own.


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  • thecolorblue
    marketeering crapola at its finest
  • house70
    Asus Transformer, is that you?
  • master_chen
    There is no hope for humanity, after all...