Apple Fancouple Get Married at Apple Store

I know that I should be saying, "Each to their own!" but I just can't wrap my head around the fact that this couple are so in love with Apple that they needed to get married at the New York Apple store.

This Apple store wedding was apparently unauthorized; the couple didn't ask could they do it, they just showed up with a minister in tow at 12:01am on Valentine's Day. The ceremony proceeded undisturbed in that the staff didn't interrupt, but there were plenty of plenty of shoppers with video cameras cheering them on.

According to the video, they had their dog there as a ringbearer but he got a little rowdy. The jumpy canine made for some pretty shaky camera work but it you have any desire to see the two getting hitched, check the video below.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time we've written about a couple getting married at an electronics store. Last year, a couple got married in the queue outside Best Buy on Black Friday. They had met for the first time in the same queue the year before so they felt it was only fitting to tie the knot in the same location.

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  • LePhuronn
    Shrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries.

    I bet he paid 3 times what his unibody aluminium wedding ring is actually worth. And then had to pay extra to get the size adjusted to fit properly.

    Don't worry, you can get the next generation for your anniversary that fits first time and comes with an innovative new feature - an inscription.
  • dextermat

    +1 on spending money for nothing:

    I guess the divorce will cost 3 times the money too :P
  • Clintonio
    I know that I should be saying, "Each to their own!"

    No you shouldn't, as much as it is up to them to be married in a store it is up to you to say what you want about it. People may do what they want, and you have just as much right to disapprove of it.

    I for one think they're either having a laugh, or sadly obsessed. Here's to hoping it's the former.