Apple Starts a University

Reports emerged earlier this week that Cupertino-based Apple has hired the dean of the Yale School of Management to lead a new project called "Apple University.’’

Not many Apple announcements come completely out of the blue. Usually there is a couple of planned hints dropped along the way or a big launch planned, which results in weeks or months of speculation. The rumors range from the ridiculous to the likely but there is always some idea of what’s to come. This Apple University announcement has taken the masses by surprise.

While there is little to no information about the Apple University other than it’s an, “exciting new project,” Apple’s decision to pluck Joel Podolny from tenure at Yale SOM (and indeed his decision to leave this current position) means the “project” must be a little bit more than just a project.

Apple is remaining quiet on the matter and has, so far, refused to comment on the news. It seems those at Yale are just as baffled. While students and teachers aired their confusion as to why the dean would step down, they listed the only indication that he may be setting sail for Apple as his changing from a BlackBerry to an iPhone in recent weeks but also noted that he had put his house up for sale nearly two weeks ago.

Upon hearing the words “Apple University” we draw a blank. We’re not sure if we should think it’s just a training ground for all the new Apples the company hires. It seems likely but why poach the dean of Yale School of Management to act as dean and vice president if all AU does is train or educate new employees (similar to the Pixar University). We’re also interested to hear your thoughts on what this Apple University Business could be about. This is, rumorwise, a blank canvas for Apple fans to run amok. So, go nuts. Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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