Apple and Psystar to Settle Differences Out of Court

It looks as though there could be an end to what we thought would be a lengthy game of legal volleyball between Apple and Mac clone manufacturer, Psystar.

Today news emerged that the two companies were looking to settle their differences out of court in a process known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution, The Mac Observer reports.

"ADR is a private process whereby both parties can meet and work out a resolution in lieu of going to trial," an attorney told The Observer under a veil of anonymity. "Exactly why this has happened is not known at this point," he added.

While the ADR process can take several months it’s likely to give a much more discrete result than the alternative. Basically, both sides meet with an agreed mediator who agrees to play referee and help the two companies settle their differences.

We’re not really sure what this means as far either company’s allegations are concerned. If Apple was so sure what Psystar was doing was wrong, we wonder why the company would want to settle out of court rather than make a public example of Psystar. Similarly, Psystar recently filed an anti-trust suit against Apple and unless the company has suddenly had a change of heart and decided Apple’s business practices don’t violate anti-trust laws, there’s no reason why Psystar shouldn’t take the Cupertino giant to court.

If you find yourself completely lost, check out the links below, which will bring you up to speed on the Psystar/Apple situation.

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  • LePhuronn
    Apple are going this route because they know they can't win - Psystar may be breeching the EULA, but that EULA is possibly illegal.

    Apple will probably go down the licensing route here and try to take a huge cut from Psystar, either driving them out of business or pushing their product costs up to near-Mac levels, thus negating the point of going Hackintosh.