Apple Adds Galaxy Note 10.1, Android 4.1 to Samsung Lawsuit

Apple has asked a federal judge to add the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to a list of patent-infringing products.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal oversaw the arguments between Apple and Samsung, with the former's request seemingly a response to the latter adding the iPhone 5 to its own list of patent-infringing products.

Should Apple win its lawsuit against the Android operating system version, Google's Jelly Bean is facing a potential ban, which would undoubtedly see the search engine giant joining Samsung in court to defend its products and software.

No details were made available in regards to Apple's arguments presented in court to justify banning Jelly Bean and the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. The latter has already had its sales injunction in the U.S. overturned.

An Apple lawyer told the judge that the Galaxy Nexus is the only Jelly Bean phone it wants added to its new complaint. But he also said the firm would add a further 17 devices to the complaint.

An attorney for Samsung said the South Korean conglomerate disapproves the addition of "stylus products in 17 new devices," stating by "adding the stylus, Apple is going to enlarge the case significantly."

Grewal refused to issue a ruling on Tuesday in fear of denying either side's requests would lead to the rivals launching a new round of lawsuits against each other. The case is scheduled for trial in 2014.

In August, Samsung were ordered to pay over $1 billion in damages to Apple.


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  • halcyon
    Oh Apple, why? Yeah, I guess the SGS3 is so good its scary...but Apple, you're stooping low.
  • internetlad
    what a retarded pissing match.
  • plasmastorm
    Judge should openly mock then in court and tell them to grow the f^ck up