Apple Cuts Price of Thunderbolt Cable, Adds Shorter Option

Apple peripherals, like all of Apple's products, don't come cheap. It's why it's a good idea to hang onto the cables that come with the product's original purchase, as most of Apple's connectors cost at least $19 to replace.

Apple's Thunderbolt cables, first introduced in 2011 to connect to external peripherals, used to run for $49. The hefty price is matched by its hefty length of 2.0m.

Thankfully, the company's seen fit to slash the prices and the length on its Thunderbolt connectors. Now, a 2.0m Thunderbolt cable costs $39, and the more compact version, sitting at 0.5m is an almost reasonable $29.

Thunderbolt cables can be purchased via the Apple Store here (for the 2.0 m cable) and here (for the 0.5 m cable).


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  • enzed
    I suppose this is what has become of Tom's.. No wonder I've stopped coming here as often. I'm expecting negative votes for even adding this comment, but seriously, is this even news?
  • luke738
    enzed: Why isn't this news? It's an article about a price drop on cables, and would be essentially the same for any other tech related product.
  • Haserath
    hydac710 bucks for a meter of copper wire , best way to con suckers ever

    You mean I could buy some regular ol' copper wire for a buck and do what thunderbolt does? Cool!