Apple Announces Black Friday Sale Without Details

Previous rumors suggested that Apple would heavily discount Macs and iPods, offering up to 25 percent of computers and up to 30 percent off MP3 players. This past weekend Apple sent out fliers to customers advertising a sale for this coming Friday.

The flier is below and contains very few details (other than free shipping). If the rumors from before turn out to be true, expect significant price cuts. Then again, Apple isn't exactly known for it's slammin' Black Friday deals. Either way, we'll update when the real deals hit the web.

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  • Dandalf
    Toms Hardware is a website for computer hardware enthusiasts. We build our computers out of components. I don't understand who this news piece is aimed at.
  • mi1ez
    Certainly not the UK!
  • ukgooey
    So they are basically Mac-tax free? Almost.