HP: We've Abandoned Our Android Plans

HP has confirmed that previous plans for Andorid-based tablets and smartphones have been abandoned. Speaking to the Financial Times, former Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein said HP is now focusing on WebOS.

"HP voted with its pocketbook," Mr Rubinstein told FT, referring to the $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm earlier this year. "It’s all about focus."

Though HP is expected to launch a Windows 7 tablet for the enterprise market before it launches the WebOS tablet early next year, the company is abandoning plans for an Android smartphone. Rubenstein, now the head of HP's mobile devices division, said that they have no plans for a tablet device running on the Google-branded OS.

Similarly, it seems HP has no interest in building a phone to run on Microsoft's newest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7. According to the Financial Times, Microsoft played down the news, claiming it didn't matter too much because HP hadn't been a big influence in the smartphone business to begin with.

Are you disappointed HP won't be releasing any Android devices or a Windows Phone 7 smartphone? Do you think it's silly for the company to put all of its mobile eggs in a WebOS basket? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Financial Times

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  • LePhuronn
    They didn't spend all that money to use Android or WM7, so it's hardly a surprise.

    But the question is can they make Palm OS work in a very crowded and competitive marketplace?
  • mi1ez
    I can't say I'm surprised, not with the Palm purchase.