17+ Androids Assault the iPhone

Not In U.S. Yet: HTC Tattoo

Up until now, all of the Android devices available have been considered high-end, but the HTC Tattoo is intended to bring Android down to a more affordable price point. Unfortunately, lowering the price means making a few sacrifices. While it still manages a 3.2 MP camera, 256 MB of RAM, and 512 MB of ROM, running on the same 528 MHz processor from its fellow HTC phones, it makes a considerable sacrifice in screen size and resolution. Down from the usual 3.2" at 320x480, the screen has been dropped to a mere 2.8" at 240x320, and perhaps more importantly, it makes use of a resistive touch screen, versus the generally better capacitive touch screen of its big brothers. But this might not be such an issue, seeing that the Tattoo will run HTC’s amazing SenseUI. The Tattoo is expected to launch in early October in Europe, but there are no explicit plans on migrating to the United States. Nonetheless, an affordable smart phone is something just about any carrier can use. Perhaps AT&T will use this as an opportunity to jump on the Android bandwagon.

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  • sniker
    the Huawei U8220 is sold as the T-mobile pulse in several coutnries in europe for some time now.

    its basically the same as U8230. wich is sold in several different countries. (custom roms for the pulse based on U8230 rom are available to get rid of the t-mobile branding and stuff from the pulse.)

    i do believe there is a pulse 2 or pulse mini announced but i dont have the excact details