17+ Androids Assault the iPhone

Rumored: Motorola Calgary

First wind of the Motorola Calgary came about way back in December 2008, and back then not much was known about the smart phone other than it was an Android device from Motorola. Since then, not much more information has come about, but a few photos have emerged. As you can see from the photograph, though, it is a very nice looking device, with a practical, new-age design, but not so flamboyant that a working professional would want to avoid it. As for what is inside it, we’re really not sure, but most likely the smart phone will have a 528 MHz processor (possibly 600 MHz like the Sholes' CPU), 256 MB of RAM, and a 5 MP camera. All we really do know for certain is that it is designed for Verizon Wireless. Of course, it’s also possible that the Calgary was redesigned quite drastically and became the Sholes itself, so it’s hard to say if the Calgary will actually see the light of day in all of its original glory.

Photo courtesy of Boygeniusreport.com

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  • sniker
    the Huawei U8220 is sold as the T-mobile pulse in several coutnries in europe for some time now.

    its basically the same as U8230. wich is sold in several different countries. (custom roms for the pulse based on U8230 rom are available to get rid of the t-mobile branding and stuff from the pulse.)

    i do believe there is a pulse 2 or pulse mini announced but i dont have the excact details