17+ Androids Assault the iPhone

Coming Soon: Samsung InstinctQ

The InstinctQ will be Samsung’s first Android phone to carry the Instinct brand as well as the company's first Instinct-branded QWERTY device. It’s planned for a launch with Sprint which would make it a great compliment for Sprint’s upcoming Hero. Unfortunately, it appears to run the generic Android interface which pales in comparison to HTC’s SenseUI. There isn’t much information available on the actual specs of the device, but we can assume that it will sport the usual 528MHz Qualcomm processor and 256MB of RAM. It’s unknown whether the InstinctQ will have large internal storage space or if they will opt for an expandable microSD slot. It will more than likely be the latter, if just to keep costs down. The InstinctQ was initially rumored to be released October 11 for Sprint, but seeing the lack of launch details, or even a formal announcement, it’s more likely that it’s looking at a November or December launch.

Photo courtesy of Phandroid.com

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  • sniker
    the Huawei U8220 is sold as the T-mobile pulse in several coutnries in europe for some time now.

    its basically the same as U8230. wich is sold in several different countries. (custom roms for the pulse based on U8230 rom are available to get rid of the t-mobile branding and stuff from the pulse.)

    i do believe there is a pulse 2 or pulse mini announced but i dont have the excact details