17+ Androids Assault the iPhone

Rumored: Samsung Bigfoot

The Bigfoot is Samsung’s attempt to get a foot in the teenage market. It has a bit more of a flashy design, with bright colors and the like, and according to T-Mobile’s road map, it should launch soon. On the other hand, though, there hasn’t been much new information on the Bigfoot in a while, so it’s still possible that it has been scrapped for something that might appeal to a wider crowd. If it does launch, the smart phone is expected to have a 3" AMOLED screen and 3 MP camera. There isn’t much info available on the internals, but it will likely have the usual 528 MHz processor and 192 MB or 256 MB of RAM. To keep costs down, the smart phone will probably have 512 MB of ROM and rely on microSD for extra storage. It’s hard to tell for certain if the Bigfoot will launch or not, seeing as there are already several Android devices that easily outshine it and are still affordable.

Photo courtesy of Boygeniusreport.com

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  • sniker
    the Huawei U8220 is sold as the T-mobile pulse in several coutnries in europe for some time now.

    its basically the same as U8230. wich is sold in several different countries. (custom roms for the pulse based on U8230 rom are available to get rid of the t-mobile branding and stuff from the pulse.)

    i do believe there is a pulse 2 or pulse mini announced but i dont have the excact details